01/10/2020 – IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ – Thank you for visiting and supporting Poaka. Courier Post is delivering orders containing fresh free range Pork, bacon and sausages on the overnight service. As of the 01/10/2020  nationwide delivery is back to normal, meaning there are no delivery delays to any locations. However. it is advisable to fill out an Authority to Leave form, so Courier Post can leave your order in a safe place at your home. Details on how to do this are in the dispatch email sent when your order ships. We are processing pigs each week, so if items on the webshop are out of stock please join the waitlist for that product and we will email you as soon as it is back in stock, which should not be more than a week. NOTE: Our normal shipping days are Wednesday and Thursday, so please ensure you get your order into us by Wednesday morning if possible so we can get your order into the system and out that week. However due to high demand, we will do our best to send your order out as soon as we can, which may mean Monday or Tuesday (and Friday for local Canterbury) dispatch. We will send you an email with the tracking details once your order is dispatched. We will update this information if changes occur. Thank you again for your support and keep well .

Poaka free range salami products
“Poaka hand-crafted finocchiona salami is so reminiscent of the really premium salamis of Italy, you feel transported. The salami is traditionally fermented and matured, has the perfect fat-to-meat ratio and is delicately flavoured with fennel seeds.” - Cuisine Artisan Awards head judge Fiona Smith.
Poaka Culatello
poaka farmers market

Poaka is a true “Paddock to Plate” producer. We produce a range of handcrafted artisan Salami, cured whole muscles, fresh sausages and dry cured bacon. We use only the finest free range, acorn and sweet chestnut finished pork, which we farm, in Canterbury, New Zealand and the best organic ingredients. Poaka use the best traditional methods, with time and care resulting in intense and powerful flavours. Salumi is the Italian word for a large range of cured, fermented and dried meats, mostly made from pork. Yes Salami is a type of Salumi and making Salumi with our stunning free range acorn and sweet chestnut pork is our passion at Poaka!

Poaka products use pork 100% bred and farmed by us.

The acorn and sweet chestnut finished, free range pork we use in 100% of our products is from free range pigs that we breed and raise on our farm, in Aylesbury. Aylesbury is located about 30 km west of Christchurch. The pigs are totally free range, live their whole life out on pasture and the farming practices exceed the highest animal welfare codes. Poaka’s free range pig farm is also run as sustainably as possible and we farm using organic methods. All our free range pigs are heritage breeds, they do grow slower and can be a challenge to farm! However, as a result Poaka pork has outstanding flavour and tenderness and the pigs are very healthy, hardy animals. Our free range pigs have access to a wide range of pasture and other delicious forage, socialize and live a happy, healthy life. In the autumn time, our pigs forage in our large sweet chestnut orchard and feast on the delicious sweet nuts! Meaning Poaka produces superior pork, which in turn makes for an exceptional product. Give our range of Salami, Dry cured bacon and sausages a try, you won’t be disappointed!



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